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ericNew in 2013- zine about Eric and Marie, new designs

•New in 2013- radio documentary about J11

•New in 2013- radio interview about Eric McDavid

•New in 2013- radio interview about June 11th and Marie Mason

•New in 2013- Callout in italiano, deutsch, Ελληνικά, nederlands, espanol,  Français

•New in 2013- Flyer for the Never Alone Online Art Exhibition/Auction; Quarter Sheet Flyer

•New in 2013- flyer from Spain, en espanol 1 y 2

19/27" poster, which inspired this website's design.

zines about Eric and Marie, distributed on the Never Alone tour.

June 11th call-out, in English, Spanish, German, Greek, and French.

June 11th strategy statement 1, in a zine format

June 11th strategy statement 2

interview of Eric McDavid by Jeff Luers

radio interview about June 11th, Eric McDavid and Marie Mason

basic flyer for 11x17" and 8.5x11," in color and black & white

quarter sheet flyer in color and black & white

flyer with announcement information in full sheet and half sheet

bifold flyer with text from the about page

11x17 color flyer about Marie and Eric's imprisonment and the case for solidarity

full page Marie flyer

two page Marie pamphlet

two different Eric flyers, one file

statement by Jeff 'Free' Luers on June 11th

flyers, biographical info, and website graphics in Russian!

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