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If you're planning an event for June 11th, 2013 and would like it to appear on this website, please send us the info you'd like posted at june11@riseup.net. If you raise money at your event, you can find donation instructions here for Eric or here for Marie.

Keep checking back here regularly as we begin to list the events confirmed for 2013. Find inspiration, find people in your area, get involved with an event celebrating Marie, Eric and other long term anarchist prisoners.

**a quick, timely note: Marie's cats, being taken care of by a dear friend, are all in desperate need of veterinarian checkups/oral care. This has been/is a big priority for Marie, knowing that her cats are being taken care of/loved for. Please consider making a donation or doing a fundraiser specifically for them. Donate here, making note that the money is specifically for Marie's cats**

List of confirmed cities and groups for June 11th 2013
(more info will be added as it comes in)

- An online art exhibit/auction benefiting Marie and Eric Check out the details
- Punk Rock Karaoke Tour, various locations, various times
-Seattle, WA (flyer to print)
-Portland, OR
-Philadelphia, PA
-Santa Cruz, CA
-Louisville, KY
-Salt Lake City, UT
-Houston, TX
-Stockton, CA
-Minot, ND
-Pittsburgh, PA
-Chapel Hill/Durham, NC
-Hudson Valley EF!
-Chicago, IL
-Cincinnati, OH
-Sacramento, CA
-Montreal, QC
-Bloomington, IN
-Aukland, New Zealand
-Asheville, NC
-Greensboro, NC
-Baltimore, MD
-St. Louis, MO
-Olympia, WA
-Lawrence, KS
-Winona, MN
-Carbondale, IL
-Oakland CA
-Mediterraneo-Sur ABC
-Czech ABC
-London, England
-Milwaukee, WI
-San Francisco, CA 1 and 2
-Buffalo, NY
-Minneapolis, MN
-Thessaloniki, Greece
-Melbourne ABC
-Atlanta, GA
-Kalamazoo, MI
-Lake Worth, FL
-Valparaiso, Chile
-Denver, CO
-Greensboro, VT
-New York City, NY
-Austin, TX
-Eugene, OR
-Hamilton, ON
-Madrid, Spain
-Santiago, Chile
-Buenos Aires, Argentina
-Tel Aviv, Israel


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